Our Vision

To transform correctional facilities from places of pain and punishment into houses of healing and hope.

We’re accomplishing this by creating the correctional industry’s most comprehensive and effective rehabilitation curriculum. Our goal is for all incarcerated people to have access to Hustle 2.0’s programs to step their game up. Ride with us!

Fill the Map

50 states in ’21

We’re so close to our goal of serving incarcerated people in all 50 states by the end of 2021. Help fill the map by purchasing The Preseason for someone incarcerated in a state shaded in gray!

Fill the Hustle 2.0 Map

Our Values


Our can-do attitude, resourcefulness, curiosity, initiative, urgency, and scrappiness result in a high sense of hustle in all that we do.


We choose positivity daily, show gratitude, and embrace a better future for us all (even in the face of unrelenting negativity).


We empathize with our Mavericks’ pain and distress and take daily actions to alleviate their suffering as we partner with them in the transformation of their futures.


We care about people and strive to leave everyone we interact with better than we found them.


We improve when we are constructively informed about our shortcomings. We value open and honest communication that is humble, helpful, immediate, and doesn’t personalize.


We’re committed to excellence and generating positive outcomes. We’re accountable for the results of our actions and trust each other to do the right thing.


When we stop growing intellectually, creatively, or professionally, that area begins to die. We pursue growth by having the guts and resolve to improve and transform.

Hustle 2.0 in action


A short film about our transformational work at Pelican Bay State Prison