• 2.0

    adjective | ˈtü-ˌpȯint-ˈō

    A new and improved version of something or someone

    What We Do

    Hustle 2.0 helps corrections systems reduce criminal behavior, violence, and recidivism by providing evidence-based rehabilitation programs that equip incarcerated people with the tools to transform their lives by changing their thoughts and behaviors. Our comprehensive curriculum combines the voices of reputable gang leaders who advocate for prosocial transformation with the voices of leading correctional authorities and rehabilitation experts. Our cognitive restructuring and life skills coursework:

    • Replaces criminality with prosocial thinking and behavior
    • Promotes positive relationships and community
    • Develops empathy and emotional awareness
    • Provides effective coping strategies
    • Builds good habits and breaks bad ones
    • Prepares incarcerated people for post-release employment

    Through flexible models for classroom, in-cell, and digital program implementation, Hustle 2.0 delivers proven results at scale with minimal impact on corrections resources.

    Who We Are

    Hustle 2.0’s team of entrepreneurs, operators, educators, writers, artists, industry experts, and people with histories of incarceration has decades of experience designing rehabilitation products for people with criminal histories. Our collective experience has earned us the trust of both gangs and corrections systems, uniquely enabling us to rehabilitate people with prevailing histories of gang involvement and violent crime. Our founders previously created Prison Entrepreneurship Program and Defy Ventures, two nationally recognized nonprofits providing rehabilitation programs that have served thousands of clients and achieved recidivism rates of <8% since 2004.

  • Hustle 2.0 has earned a Net Promoter Score of +81 from program participants

    99% of participants say Hustle 2.0 was a valuable investment of their time

    83% of participants say Hustle 2.0 is the best program they’ve taken while incarcerated

    56% of participants say Hustle 2.0 is the first rigorous program they’ve completed by choice

    90% of participants say Hustle 2.0 has contributed to their knowledge, skills, and personal development

    59% of participants say they are more respectful to prison staff because of their participation in Hustle 2.0

    73% of participants say they have more empathy for others because of their participation in Hustle 2.0

    85% of program participants say their confidence has improved because of their participation in Hustle 2.0

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