Our mission

To maximize the potential of people affected by incarceration

Hustle 2.0 reduces crime, violence, and recidivism through evidence-based, trauma-informed programs that equip incarcerated people with the tools to transform their lives by changing their thoughts and behaviors.

Our comprehensive curriculum combines the voices of people affected by incarceration with the voices of leading correctional rehabilitation authorities.

Our cognitive restructuring and life skills coursework:

  • 5Replaces criminality with prosocial thinking and behavior
  • 5Promotes positive relationships and community
  • 5Develops empathy and emotional awareness
  • 5Provides effective coping strategies
  • 5Builds good habits and breaks bad ones
  • 5Prepares incarcerated people for reentry and post-release employment

Utilizing self-directed learning and mail-based correspondence, Hustle 2.0 helps corrections departments to effectively program more of their population with minimal impact on facility staff and space resources.

Why H2.0 is a cut
above the rest:


First-Time Programmers

Hustle 2.0 successfully engages those who have never enrolled in a rehabilitation program before, and those who haven’t had access to quality programs.


Real Talk & Lingo

This curriculum is straight-up, relatable, written in plain English, and non-boring (which is one reason why we succeed with first-time programmers).


For Us, By Us

H2.0 is created in partnership with people affected by incarceration who care about ending cycles of crime and changing gang culture. We all have a personal stake in rehabilitation and transformation. The curriculum is relevant and authentic.


History of Success

Our founders’ programs have impacted tens of thousands of people with industry-leading results. This stuff works.


All Around Transformation

H2.0 is holistic. It isn’t just about entrepreneurship. Or criminal thinking. Or reentry. Or job readiness. It’s all of the above and more. Our 12-book program features 80+ in-depth courses.


We Crack Jokes & Sip Cokes

We’ve all been in boring self-help classes that we used to get out of our cells… and could barely keep our eyes open. Who said this is how learning has to be? So, yeah, we incorporate humor, mazes, and entertainment because we believe there’s power and effectiveness in bringing fun into education.

The Making of a Maverick

At Hustle 2.0, we don’t refer to ourselves as inmates, offenders, felons, convicts, criminals, murderers, thugs, losers, the worst of the worst, low-lives, or any such nonsense. We are not defined by the shackles placed upon us. None of us want to be known just for the worst thing we’ve done. We call ourselves Mavericks.


NOUN: An independent thinker who refuses to conform to the accepted views on a subject.

Artwork by Jesus Jasso

At Hustle 2.0, we are Mavericks because we use our independence to challenge the status quo and make changes in our lives and environments.

  • 5We're challenging negative labels about us, refusing to be defined by our worst decisions.
  • 5We're challenging society’s perceptions of “once a criminal, always a criminal,” by committing to a new way of living that breaks down that harmful stereotype.
  • 5We’re challenging the implicit bias and racial divides that permeate corrections.
  • 5We’re advocating for policy reforms that will result in fairer justice systems and more humane treatment.
  • 5We’re challenging gang-related violence and illegal activities, steering one another towards education and programming and pushing a positive, legal future.
  • 5We’re challenging the values and beliefs that got us entrenched in criminal lifestyles. Through rigorous and uncomfortable self-examination, we’re establishing new identities and purposes.

Did you know?

Mavericks who complete all 12 Hustle Guides earn a university certificate in Leadership & Management from Southern Utah University!

Check out this video about Southern Utah University’s experience volunteering with Hustle 2.0 at High Desert State Prison